Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The great indoor hunter almost gets her prey!

Ahh, the long weekend was great, we slept and played and relaxed.

On Saturday my Dad was over and we were sitting in the living room talking when we noticed that Kellie was very excited out on the deck. When Kellie was a kitten I enclosed my deck with screen because she was always trying to jump onto a nearby tree. The deck has lattice on the bottom and screen above, needless to say birds etc. (she has had a few bats also) are able to get into the deck area by going through the lattice. On Saturday this poor little bird somehow got inside the deck and he was sitting on a birdhouse I had hanging out there. By the time we noticed the bird, Kellie was already in full hunter mode. I tried to grab Kellie and put her inside, but she kept wiggling out of my arms, doing her che, che, che sound the whole time. Finally I was able to get her locked back inside. It took the little bird awhile to catch his breath and find his way out, but he was fine when he left. The rest of the evening Kellie spent staring at the spot where the bird "escaped". Poor Kellie, she was so close and I thwarted her efforts. I know she doesn't like birds anyways. The last time a bird got onto the deck she left it on the front door mat as a present for when I got home, it was dead, she had taken a bite out of it and threw up beside it. Thankfully, a poor little bird didn't have to go through that again.

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David E Maeda said...

I'm impressed that Kellie not only was diligent in finally catching the bird, but she also didn't kill it. It seems therefore it wasn't an actual hunting activity but more something to impress her mom.