Thursday, September 07, 2006

Poor Kellie

Yesterday I was exhausted for some reason, so as soon as I entered the house last night I collapsed and had a nap. Kellie kept nudging me and waking me up, so I'd pat her on the head, then she was back again............ I couldn't understand what she wanted, she usually curls up beside me and has a nap too. Later when I woke up I noticed she kept going to the sliding doors that lead to the deck and whining, I never thought much off it, I always keep the door open a few inches so she can go out and roam around the deck (it's screened in) when she wants. Then later in the evening after many more bouts of whining and looks towards the door I noticed that my Dad must have closed the door a bit when he was over earlier in the day to fix my shower. He had only left the door to the deck open about 2 inches and she couldn't get her fat little body through that small an opening! I opened the door the usual 5 inches and she happily went out to catch some fresh air. I think Kellie must think I'm very slow sometimes and can't believe I can't understand what her cat talk is all about.

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