Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh God, her she comes!

I admit it "My name is Shelley and I'm addicted to Pogo Games".

I'm not sure if it's Kellie's way of doing an intervention, but whenever I get comfy, bring up Pogo to play my she comes! She insists on laying between me and my laptop, when I move her to the side so I can reach the keyboard, she gets up and again positions herself between me and the keyboard. This goes on until I either give up, much to her delight, or she finally stays put lying beside the computer on the arm of the chair. As I play my games she inches closer to my head, first she casually stretches her front paws out in front of her, then she stretches her neck and the next thing you know she's again between my chin and the keyboard!

It's funny she usually only does this when I'm playing games - I think she knows I'm "addicted". I could probably rent her out to families of other addicted gamers : )

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David E Maeda said...

I spent all weekend playing Free Cell on my computer. I really needed Kellie to do her thing so I could have had a much more productive weekend... :-)