Friday, August 11, 2006

Kellie's Diet is Over

The other day I finally broke down and purchased Kellie some of her regular food. She was beside herself, she was spending the evenings whining and crying, she was so unhappy. She wasn't her usual playful self at all, it all got too sad.

On Tuesday when I got home I noticed that she was back to her old self and wasn't walking back and forth from her food to me whining. I thought "Finally, she is used to the diet food", yah, no that wasn't it. When I went into the kitchen I saw that she had somehow opened up the cupboard that holds her treats, chewed through the bag and scattered them all over the top of the stove. She used to open the cupboards all the time, but I installed magnetic latches and she hasn't been able to get in, until now that is. How on earth she managed to open the cupboard when it has a magnetic latch is beyond me. I'm assuming she was very determined and spent most of the day at this task. She was so calm and happy that evening though, I decided the diet just wasn't worth.

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David E Maeda said...

I was so careful during the late great Mr. Max's life to make sure that he didn't get too big. I started him on diet food pretty early on and was really diligent in watching his weight. Then in his senior years he got "feline hyperthyroidism" which apparently is quite common in older cats- and it caused him to lose a lot of weight. So I always felt kinda bad that I didn't let him do the one thing he enjoyed most in life- eating...