Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 18th - The Big 40 - Another year without Mom

Well, tomorrow is August 18, my birthday and my Mom's birthday.

A year and a half ago on May 10 my Mom passed away, she was the person I was closest to in my life. My Dad and I are close, but not as close as my Mom and me. I came late in my parents life, there is a 10, 13 & 14 age gap between me and my brothers and sisters. My Dad had to travel alot for work, so alot of the time it was just me and my Mom.

Our birthday is when I feel her absense the most, tomorrow would have been her 76th birthday - I turn 40 (yikes). It's funny but I certainly don't feel 40, but the number itself makes me feel old. I have never had a problem with age before - 30 was fine, I had no problem with 35, but 40 makes me feel like I should somehow be more "grown-up", whatever that is.

I intend to keep busy tomorrow, I'll work, take flowers to my Mom's grave and then my Dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece are taking me out for supper. Then I'll go home and cuddle up with my Kellie. It always amazes me that Kellie, and I'm sure most animals, has such a keen sense of how I'm feeling. When I'm especially down she seems to sense it and spends extra time cuddling. I was home sick on Tuesday and she stuck by my side all day, being cute, cuddly and really affectionate. Such a good companion!

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David E Maeda said...

What a sweet posting. Happy birthday!

When I got the news that my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer six years ago I got off the phone with my Dad and started crying. Max the cat immediately came over and sat with me for a long time. It is so amazing how cats just know when one needs comforting...