Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cuddles the friendly cat!?

My brother and his family are away on holidays right now so my Dad and I are looking after their two cats and my nieces hamster. They have one cat Cuddles who is about 18 years old an usually not a very friendly cat, in all the years I have only pet her once and when I did she gave a great growl. She really only likes my sister-in-law. Since they have been on holidays she has been meeting me at the door, rubbing up against my legs and actually letting me pet her. I'm amazed, she's acting like a normal cat! I guess when your favourite person is away you have to make do with second best!

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David E Maeda said...

Does Kellie suspect anything? She no doubt can smell Cuddles on you. I swear that when I housesit my friend's cats my boyz look at me in either disgust or hurt- that I'm cheating on them somehow.