Friday, July 14, 2006


My brother has two cats. They have had Cuddles....for ever it seems, it must be 18 years or so. They have had Sylvester for 8 years.

Their cats are outside cats and they have a cat door that lets them roam inside and out.

Eight years ago a black and white kitten walked through the cat door and made himself at home. They put up signs, ads in the paper, notified the SPCA but no one ever claimed him, thus he was named Sylvester and has been living with them ever since. Actually they were relieved that they didn't find his original home because it didn't look like he was well looked after, his whiskers were cut and he was rather skinny and dishevelled.

Cuddles is not the friendliest cat, she barely tolerates the family so it was very surprising that she allowed Sylvester to stay. They are not a pair to cuddle or wash each other, but they manage to live fairly harmoniously in the same house.

After living with Sylvester for awhile my brother regretted that he hadn't named him Jethro (from the Clampetts). He is such a big, goofy, not too bright cat. Cuddles often sits in front of the cat door flap and blocks Sylvester from coming in the house. All you can hear is a thunk, thunk, thunk as Sylvester keeps pushing his head against the flap wondering why he can't get in while Cuddles sits there innocently.

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David E Maeda said...

The door thing is funny. Maybe black and white is the blondes of cats. My friend Amy has a cat, Marcel, that looks similar to Theo- and he isn't the brightest cat on the planet. Oh well, I'm sure Sylvester is quite content with who he is.