Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Great Orange Hunter

When Kellie was a kitten I would let her out on my 2nd floor deck until she started balancing precariously on the edge and looked like she was going to jump to a tree. Being an overprotective Mom I had my Dad screen in the deck, but I left the bottom lattice as it was since she obviously wasn't going to "escape" through those small holes. What I hadn't counted on was her inviting friends in through the lattice holes.

My first surprise was a small fruit bat she left on my bedroom floor, my next surprise was a live fruit bat flying around the house, the third surprise was another fruit bat flapping around the floor and her fourth surprise was a dead bird she left for me on the carpet near the front door. Apparently, she caught these "gifts" and brought them through the cat door she has that leads to the deck.

She only killed one of the bats and just played with the other two. She killed the bird by the door and took a bite out of it and then threw up right beside it, obviously not used to fresh meat.

Yesterday I said I would tell the story of Kellie the hunter, what is so strange is this morning I was home sick when I heard a great commotion on the deck, I stumbled out to the deck and there was a little chickadee being pursued all over the deck by Kellie. I was trying to push Kellie in the house and shoo the bird out through one of the lattice holes. Kellie was running around doing her che, che, che sounds while I finally was able to get the bird out of the deck. What are the odds that would happen when I just mentioned Kellie's hunting skills on my blog yesterday?

Very Strange!


David E Maeda said...

Cats do indeed have a wonderful intelligence or intuition. That said, I think Kellie is hopping onto your computer when you are at work and surfing. She knows you are writing about her. She just knows.

shelley said...

Mmmmm....I never thought of that, you are right I think she's been reading this blog : )