Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quail Stalking

The court that I live in has an amazing amount of Quail wandering about and of course at this time of the year each set has a bunch of tiny babies following them (adorable). The Quail are driving Kellie insane.

Like most cats Kellie loves to sit and stare out the window......then she spots some Quail and you can see her following them with her eyes.... then she runs to the next window to keep her eye on them, then on to the next window and then all of a sudden she will go barrelling through the house to get to the windows on the side of the house because the Quail have moved along to the side of the house. It is quite a production! I think she would be quite a hunter if she was an outside cat.

Speaking of hunting, even though Kellie is an inside cat she has managed to bring 4 bats and 1 bird into the house! I'll tell that story tomorrow : )

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David E Maeda said...

That's a great picture of Kellie. Her character comes shining through.

My sister's late cat Ralph used to love to hunt birds and small animals (and some not so small animals) in their yard. Unfortunately he used to sit upwind from them- thus limiting his ability to catch his prey.