Friday, May 25, 2007

My First Post / Somethings Up!

Last night my Mum showed me my blog on the puter, I didn't even know I had a blog! It was very exciting, I felt very special! Mum said I'm old enough to write my own blog now and she showed me how. She told me I was very smart and gave me a Temptation. It will be strange for me to actually have to type though, usually I just watch while Mum types then I try to lay on her laptop and Mum says "Oh, Kellie you're too big to lie there", but I persist and I end up laying under her forearms while she tries to type. She says it isn't very comfortable, but she's wrong it really is quite cozy!

I'm sensing that something is up! Mum has a great big suitcase on the bedroom floor and she keeps muttering about not being able to fit everything in. The last time she did this she left me for a whole week : ( She sent her brother over to feed and visit me. He is usually desperate to talk to me and pet me because he says he really likes cats. Therefore, I usually don't pay attention to him and stay just out of his reach - I have learned that it is better to be aloof, it gets you more attention. Last time he visited me everyday I was so desperate for love that I was forced to succumb to his neediness and I cuddled and talked to him and gave him head bumps - boy the things a cat has to do to get some loving. Now that I look back, it's very embarassing, I was practically acting like a dog. I will try to remember to be a little more subtle this time.

I hope Mum comes back soon!


Daisy said...

Hi Kellie! Writing your own blog is very FUN. I am going to add you to my links so I can come back and visit with you all the time.

I hope your Mum gets home soon :(

Parker said...

Good for you Kellie! I have added you to my linky thing and I hope we can be pals! You will enjoy having your very own soon as Mummy comes home!
Purrs and welcome!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Kellie! Parker introduced you over at the cat blogosphere news page ( and I wanted to come say "hi"
It is so nice that your mommy is letting you blog all by yourself. I have to dictate to mommy (she does all my typing) cause I'm a hunt and peck (as benefiting a great hunter kitty) kinda guy. I'm a rescued former feral (happy to be indoor only now!) so I never had typing lessons. You do very well.
I'm sorry to hear your birdie prey escaped. Mommy feeds the birds outside my favorite windows and I love to watch them but they can't get inside. Sigh. A kitty can hope.
Welcome to the blogosphere!
I'm sure you'll miss your mommy bunches and will be lonely. So, be aloof for about 5 minutes when your uncle comes, then be lovey and playful for a couple hours, then go back to being aloof. That is what I do when my grandparents watch me.
I'm adding you to my friends list, I hope that is OK. Stop and visit me sometime. Welcome to the blogosphere!
PS I think you and Oscar would be a cute couple. You are both very good looking floofy orange kitties!

Emma's Kat said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Kellie! I'm sure you're mom will be home soon and in the mean time you can check out all the rest of the cat blogging blogs! Make sure you check out the The Cat Blogosphere , if you haven't already! And send me your picture and a bit about you, so you can be Kat's Cat of the Day ! C-ya around! Have a great weekend!

Derby said...

Kellie if all else fails, dictate your blog to your mum to type.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Kellie! Welcome to da blogosphere. There are lots of nice kitties here. Hope yoo don't miss yoor mommy to much.

THE ZOO said...

HI Kellie welcome. yur bery purrty...Blado

Millie said...

Hi Kellie!

Welcome to the blogosphere. Once you get the hang of blogging, you won't need your Mum to help you. Lots of us cats do it on our own.

I hope you are well cared for during your Mom's absence, and aren't required to debase yourself by acting like a woofie to get the attention you deserve.

yao-lin said...

Hello kellie! I am glad you have taken over your blog - humans don't quite cut the mustard - us cats are so much more intelligent, it makes perfect sense for us to make regular additions to our blogs. I hope your human returns shortly and showers you with gifts. xx

The Meezers said...

Hi Kellie!! You is a furry purrty Ginger girl!! We added you to our links. please come and bisit us when you can. we love making new furriends.

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Kellie, it's good to meet you! We've added you to the Cat Blogosphere linkies and to ours! Good for you taking over your own bloggy.
Boni Maroni, Sanjee, Mini, Gree and Pepi

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Welcome to Blogging Kellie! Sending purrs and scritches! You are a gorgeous orange kitty cat indeed!

The Furry Kids said...

I like your blog. It matches your furs. I added you to our blogroll.


The Crew said...

Kellie, take my advice and have your secretary type for you. You do know you have a secretary, don't you? We call ours Mom and we just dictate to her. It's so much easier than trying to fit our paws on the keys and make mistakes and stuff.

Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us.

The Crew

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

one of our teenagers has that needy "gotta cuddle the kitty" thing goin' on too. we try to avoid her. we'd rather go bother the people who're ignoring us.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hey Kellie, we're glad yer mum let yoo take ofurr the blog. We liked reading what yer mum had to say about yoo, but it's better to git it straight furrom the cat's mouf, so to speak.Hope yer mum enjoyed her Alaskan cruise. Our Beans went there two years ago and said it wuz the best cruise they efurr been on. They stayed in Vancouver after furr a few days.