Monday, April 30, 2007


Kellie loves to peer out the window and I'm always wondering what she sees that is so interesting. We have 3 pairs of ducks and dozens of Quail that have taken up permanent residence in our court as well as an assortment of other birds, so I know she is always keeping track of them, but on Saturday at about 11:00 am I was just going to my car when I saw a deer standing in the garden! I live in a residential area so I was a little shocked that he had come so far down from the hills. Now I know why Kellie is always running from one window to the next, then out to the deck and back to a window on the other side of the house - who knew there was so much wildlife here! I wonder what other animals she sees on a regular basis?


David E Maeda said...

wow, a deer! Kellie is lucky. The most exciting thing my boyz ever get to see are rabbits and squirrels. Of course about the only thing that gets them going from window to window is a cat roaming the yard. Diego loves to try and catch bugs on the outside of the window. Hasn't been too successful at that.

Anonymous said...

I just found out about your blog from Cats~Goats~Quotes... and as a ginger cat named (Mr.) Kelly, I wanted to visit and say hello.

Hope you are feeling better today! Sometimes I feel rumbly in my tummy and I eat grass. Then I un-eat it, and I feel better.