Thursday, April 26, 2007


Last night I noticed Kellie has a sore on her neck where the Vet shaved her to do a blood test! Poor Kellie, what is going on? The Vet's office phoned this morning to see how Kellie was doing and I told them about the sore and they said to just leave it alone or if it gets worse to bring her in. Now I'm wondering are they saying that because they probably nicked her shaving or should I really leave it alone? I read quite a few sites that say you can put neosporin on cats, so I'm thinking of doing that. I guess I will just have to see tonight how it looks. OyVay!

It seems we might be in for some sort of a storm today, Kellie was racing around the house early this morning with her ears flat back at 100 miles per hour. This is her usual storm is coming behaviour. We'll see if she is correct : )

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David E Maeda said...

Hope Kellie is back to 100 percent soon.

Must be nice having a meterologist in the house with you :-).