Monday, April 02, 2007

30 minute job takes entire weekend : (

Years ago when Kellie and I moved in together I cut a small whole in my Deck door screen and then screened in my deck so that she could enjoy the great outdoors without wandering off. She loves it out there. Over the years I have not been happy with the "look" of this cutout at the bottom of my screen door and while cruising the internet one day I found a pet door just for screen doors. I ordered it and my Dad and I attempted to put it in this weekend. Obviously since the screen had a cut out we needed to replace the entire screen as well as installing the pet door.

The first attempt: I had given my Dad the measurements on the phone and he picked up the screen on his way over to my place. He arrives with the wrong size.

The second attempt: Dad goes out and gets more screen. I put the screen in the door - it took me a couple of hours because I didn't really have alot of room to work in. While I went to look for something to trim the excess screen....Dear Dad took it upon himself to trim it with an exacto knife and mistakenly holds the knife the wrong way and cuts the screen out of the door!

The third attempt: By this time I have had it and Dad takes the entire screen door home to re-install the screen. He purchases more screen, put it in and brings it back to my house the next day. I install the cat door, but mistakenly put the locking mechanism on the outside (no problem - I didn't want to lock the stupid thing anyway). When Dad goes to put the screen door in we realize he has told me to put the pet door in the wrong spot - if we turn it around to fit properly then Kellie's door is up near the roof! We struggle to get the door back on the track, the screws still need to be adjusted so the door doesn't shut well, but we have had it.

After pushing Kellie out the door a few times she finally gets the idea and she comes in and out of it with no problems. Sunday night when I went to shut the door and go to bed I notice that the handle on the screen door pokes out and I can't shut the glass door (of course because we have the door on inside out). I almost cried! I pushed the screen off the track, shut the door and went to bed. I will have to figure something out next weekend.

How did something so easy become so complicated? During the whole process Kellie poked her nose in as we were trying to work, and we had to keep shooing her away. She was probably trying to alert us to the fact that we were doing everything backwards.


David E Maeda said...

Yikes- that doesn't sound like much of a weekend... it does sound like every home "improvement" project I've ever been involved with.

I can sympathize sort of- Diego loves to climb the screens so pretty much all of mine are ripped. I've never quite figured out how to change them myself so to get them fixed I'll have to bring them in to the hardware store. After reading your account I don't feel so bad I can't do it myself :-).

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Kellie and Shellie.
Fanks furr visiting our blog and we will add your link to ours. Kellie it sounds like your mum had big problems the weekend. Maybe she should haf let you tell her what to do. Efurrycat knows they can do fings better than the Beans right? We haf a catflap next to the door but we will only use it if it is propped open. Well you don't see the Beans opening doors wiv their noses do you.