Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Catnip Bubble Bath?

Yesterday after work I was exhausted and sore (not that I do manual labour or anything - I think the weather just affects my joints etc.) so as soon as I got home I had a nice hot bath.

Just as I was settled comfortably in the bath the doorbell rang. Of course, I ignored it, but Kellie kept coming into the bathroom and crying, going to the door and crying and then back to me as if to tell me to open the door - very cute!

After my bath Kellie and I settled down in the living room and I don't know what it was about my new Eucalyptus bubble bath, but Kellie reacted as if it was catnip or something. She rolled on me, sniffed me, rubbed against me......and on and on it went. She usually does this to a certain extent, but this was over the top and lasted for hours. Then she settled down on my chest and slept whilst purring very loudly. I guess she likes Eucalyptus!


David E Maeda said...

That's funny about the visitor. Maybe Kellie thought it was a bamboo plant delivery person. :-)

She has good taste in things- I also enjoy the smell of eucalyptus. Maybe I should buy Theo some for his sinus issue.

Gottagopractice said...

What a lovely evening.