Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night as I folded the laundry and put the towels away Kellie jumped up into the linen cupboard to settle into the towels. I used to take great care to open the linen closet fast and shove the towels in as fast as possible so she didn't get a chance to lounge in my linens, but lately I let her go ahead and get comfy. She seems so happy to cuddle up in the fluffy warm towels. A few orange hairs on my towels seems like a small price to pay for her being so happy.
Note: I really have to download some new pictures of Kellie on my work computer. I have hundreds on my computer at home - but since I always seem to update my blog at work (shhhhh!) I end up using the same pictures over and over : (

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David E Maeda said...

Yeah- I think you made the right decision with the towels. Kellie deserves the little things that make her happy and if your house is anything like mine, a little more cat hair in another location will be hard to notice :-). And I think this is my favorite picture I've seen of Kellie...