Friday, December 15, 2006


At about 10:00 yesterday morning it started snowing, but it appeared to be light and fluffy snow, well by 6:00 when I was heading home with my groceries the snow was very heavy and wet. I pulled up beside my condo and unloaded my groceries onto the bottom of my step (I have a flight of stairs to my front door) I then quickly cleared the snow from my walk and headed back to park my car. At the bottom of the 3 stairs to the parking lot (that I didn't clear), I fell. Of course, I can't fall gently - I fell hard - knocking the wind out of me, smacking my head on the cement and bruising my hip and side. I was thankful that none of my neighbours were peering out their windows to see me gracefully get up. My shoes were really slippery and every time I tried to get up I slipped again. I finally ended up crawling on my knees to the step railing and hoisting myself up. I'm just as graceful as a gazelle : ) All the while Kellie stared down at me from her favorite table in the hall. I wonder what the heck she thought I was doing?


David E Maeda said...

Glad you're OK. I know you're probably still stiff. The winter spills I've taken have always left me sore for days afterwards...

Kellie was probably thinking, "this is new... new entertainment for my sake!!!"

Cats, Goats, Quotes and other musings said...

Ouch! Hope you are all right today.
Maybe Kellie was wondering if you'd ever make it inside with her dinner.