Wednesday, December 13, 2006 are ignoring me!

Last night about 1:00 am I was just settling back under the covers after a trip to the bathroom when I felt this little paw tap me on my back. I checked to see if I was situated on my 1/4 of the bed, yup I wasn't anywhere near her 3/4 of the bed, I then reached over my shoulder and petted Kellie's head and tried to fall back to sleep. Over the next 30 minutes Kellie just kept tapping me on the shoulder. I don't know why she wanted my attention or why she had to sit on the backside of me instead of coming around the front where I could pet her more easily? After 25 minutes I was howling with laughter, it was just so funny. Finally I turned over and she cuddled up to my chin and fell asleep. I guess that's what she wanted. I can't believe I actually turned and slept on my left side to appease a cat! : )

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