Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I went to Petcetera after work tonight to pick up some cat food for Kellie. They have a section that has cats and kittens from the SPCA that you can adopt and I always go in and fawn over them. Tonight there was this little orange kitten that looked exactly like Kellie, she was so cute and playful, I had to tear myself away - I could quite easily have a house full of cats and kittens. There was also a little black and orange kitten that was adorable, I want to bring them all home!


David E Maeda said...

I know what you mean... Even though i have a multi-cat house I still regularly look at the web site of the shelter I adopted my boyz from. I always end up wanting to adopt about a dozen of the cats I see on the site.

It saddens me to see some cats that I considered adopting when I got Diego and Thompson three years ago. To think some of the cats haven't found a home yet... :-(

tiger said...