Monday, October 02, 2006

I think I'll take a little stroll outside!

Sunday morning I was going about my weekly chores, I had gathered up the garbage and set it out on the front step until I went out later in the day WHEN swoosh Kellie walked past me and started to go down the steps. I was standing there wearing a pair of mishapen shorts, a ratty old t-shirt, my hair was standing on end and I had visions of having to chase Kellie around the neighbourhood, with her just out of my reach. Luckily, the excitement of the BIG escape made her confused. She went down three or four steps, I called her, she came up a couple of steps, then she attempted to go between the wrought iron railings between me and my neighbour when I scooped her up and brought her inside. She hasn't had her collar on for the last few weeks, so I promptly put that back on her whilst giving her a lecture on being an inside cat - she looked perturbed that her big plans had been dashed.

I was rather startled by her sudden decision to make a run for it, because she hasn't done that in at least 3 years. When she was a kitten she was always trying to make a mad dash out the door, every morning I would have to throw a ball or a furry mouse down the hallway for her to chase so that I could escape out the door without her following.

During her first weekend living with me she escaped out the front door, crossed between the wrought iron railings and went into my neighbours condo (he had his door open). There she sat in his entryway, laying down relaxing, while I tried to coax her home. I had to run down my stairs go next door, run up his stairs and when she saw me coming she went further into his house, and of course I then had to ring his bell and have him capture her. Also, that weekend I let her out on the balcony (this was before it was enclosed) and she crawled underneath the lattice that seperates my balcony from the condo next door. So there I am laying on my tummy, peaking under this 3 inch gap in the lattice trying to convince, bribe her to come back home. She lounged over there for about 10 minutes before my bribe of treats brought her home. It didn't take me long to have my deck enclosed after that : )

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David E Maeda said...

Glad Kellie is safe and sound. While I understand the desire to get out and roam and explore, I think a safe life inside a nice warm home can't be beat. Wish we could somehow get their in our furry lil friend's wee lil heads.