Thursday, July 06, 2006

Teetering on the Edge

I'm not a morning person. I have a horrible time falling asleep and therefore I "need" to sleep until the very last moment before I have to rush crazily around the house in order to arrive at work for 8:00. As such, I don't have time for a shower in the morning but make my nightly bath a huge production, with books to read, water to drink, music....

Kellie takes this opportunity to live life on the edge! She sits on the edge of the tub with her tail in the bath water. She fishes around in the water and bubbles to poke at my toes and she ever so carefully tries to put her one paw on the tap and fish around in the water with her other paw. She has only fallen into the tub once and was not too impressed, but she keep doing it, every night without fail she plays precariously around the bath. Obviously she finds the fun outweighs the danger of getting wet.

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