Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Storm is Brewing

Even before I looked outside and saw the dark storm clouds in the sky I could tell it was going to storm.

During dinner last night Kellie began her insane pre-storm shenanigans. She ran around the house with her ears down, sliding on the wood floors as she barrelled around corners. I don't know what she senses, but whenever a storm is on its way she becomes absolutely crazy. It's rather amusing to watch.

She was settled down by the time the storm hit and the actual storm never fazes her, she sits up in the window, listening to the thunder and calmly watching the lightening.

I love stormy weather! Last night it was hot, raining, thundering and lightening - it looked awesome!

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David E Maeda said...

Kellie is too smart. Her ability to get into cupboards and anticipate storms is far beyond the average cat. You should feel honored that she greets you upon your arrival home from work at the door. If my cats were smart enough to do that they'd probably figure they were too good for me and not bother.