Sunday, July 02, 2006

Shauna & Kellie make a mess

I'm amazed at how much of a mess one cat and one 8 year old can create! My niece Shauna spent Saturday at my house playing with Kellie and planning her upcoming birthday party. She has two cats of her own, Sylvester & Cuddles, but she is always intrigued by Kellie, probably because Kellie can't escape outside like her cats can.

Kellie loves playing with Shauna.....for a time. Shauna throws the super balls around the house, Kellie runs after them. Shauna whirls the laser pointer around the house, Kellie runs in cirlces chasing the red dot. Shauna kisses & pets Kellie, Kellie tolerates it. Eventually, Kellie has had enough and hides under the couch until it's time for Shauna to go home.

As soon as the door closes behind Shauna, Kellie comes out from under the couch and we survey the mess! All of Kellie's toys, which number quite a few, are strewn throughout the house, there are papers, crayons, playdough and playing cards all over the dining room table....It looks like a huricane has gone through my once clean house!

I love having her over and spending time with her, but living alone I like everything in it's proper place. Luckily, it's easily cleaned up until next Saturday when Kellie and Shauna once again create havoc.

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