Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Laser Light Show

I have a laser pointer that I use to amuse Kellie, which in turn amuses me : )

I keep it in a side table in my living room. I can't open that drawer without Kellie coming running from wherever she is in anticipation of the appearance of the red dot. She even tries to open the drawer by pulling on the door knob with her teeth, so far she hasn't succeeded. She gets so excited when she knows we are going to play with the light. She chases it, pounces on it and when I pretend to put it under the carpet or under the couch she tries to dig it out. When I have finally had enough and put it away she is still on high alert, her eyes roaming the room waiting to pounce on the elusive red dot.


David E Maeda said...

That's a nice picture. Did you sketch it?

I used to have a laser pointer that all three of my boyz loved. I would shine it on the ceiling and Theo would try and jump up and get it. He never was quite successful.

shelley said...

Yes, I like that picture too. Sadly, I don't have sketching talent, it's MS Picture It. It takes any photo and puts it into sketch form.