Monday, July 24, 2006

Diet Food

I finally found the diet food I wanted to buy for Kellie. I have tried several kinds of diet food with her before and she has always turned up her nose. This time I did some research into which diet food cats like best.

I gave her some straight out of the bag and she liked it, I mixed it in with her regular food and she still seems to like it. I'm crossing my fingers that she will like this brand, I can't stand it when she cries and looks pleadingly at her food bowl - which is why she is fat in the first place : )

All weekend we both kind of lazed around the house, the temperature was up in the 40 degree celsius mark and it was too hot to move. When the temperature did dip slightly in the evening Kellie became more playfull. I was in the living room reading when I saw her out of the corner of my eye pouncing with all four feet on didn't look like anything to me, finally my curiousity won and I went to see what she had found. It was a little tiny ant and she was approaching it as if it was a huge animal. It was really funny. I left the ant there for her to play with, what's one ant in the house : )


David E Maeda said...

What kind of diet food did you end up settling on? Maybe you should keep considering adding another cat to the household. A little playful kitten will certainly keep Kellie on her toes and she'll get plenty of exercise that way... :-)

Askinstoo said...
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shelley said...

I settled on Innova Cat Food Lite. I have been thinking of adding a kitten to our family, but I'm not sure how she would react, it has always just been the two of us! I'm afraid a kitten might drive her insane : )