Monday, September 17, 2007

Seven Things About Me Meme

I have been tagged by the HRH Yao-lin for a Meme: Seven Things About Me!
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2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
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The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

#1 - I am a bed hog. All my life my Mum has slept on the left hand side of her bed, that is until I came. I have claimed the left hand side of the bed and Mum has had to switch over to the right. Even with her on the right hand side, I like to stretch myself out crosswise on the bed and try to make her fall of the other side. Perhaps a Queen bed isn't big enough for both of us - Mum should probably get herself her own bed.

#2 - I require my Mum to be in bed by 10:00, if she does not go to bed by 10:00 on her own, then I cry and cry and cry and I won't leave her alone until she has gone to bed. I then take the time to play in the living room by myself. I bat about my fuzzy mice, go crazy in my tent, scratch my scratching post and generally make lots of noise. Mum sometimes comes out and tries to take pictures, but I immediately stop all activity and just stare at her.

#3 - I have a foot fetish. I love smelling feet. I smell my Mum's feet, visitors feet, any feet I can get my nose near. When my Mum takes her socks off I grab them between my front paws and rub them all over my face, yup I'm weird!

#4- I can distinguish my Mum's car from other cars. Whenever my Mum's car drives by I run to the window and wait for her. It doesn't matter what time of day, if i hear her car I take my place by the front window. Sometimes my Mum likes to play a trick on me and she comes home the back way and park in back. If she does this I can't hear her car and she catches me doing whatever it was I was doing, I don't like when she does this!

#5- I LOVE my Grandpa's moustache. Whenever he comes over one of the first things I do, after the whole feet thing, is climb up on his lap and smell his moustache. It tickles and I like the smell alot.

#6 - Even though I am an indoor cat I have managed to catch a bird and 4 bats! There is lattice work on MY deck that the birds and bats can get in. Usually, in the summer and fall my Mum leaves the sliding glass door to MY deck open (it is screened in so I can't get out). It was in the Summer that I managed to hunt down the bird. I killed it left it on the mat by the front door. I took a bite out of it and then threw up right beside it - fresh meat is not for me. My Mum was not impressed and I was grounded from going out on MY deck during the day for 2 weeks! It was Fall when I got my 4 bats (2 different years). One bat I killed and left by the door for my Mum, another I brought in and let fly around, another I half killed and left on the mat by my Mum's bed and the fourth I chased in and let fly around the house. If you want to see something funny, then you should definately try to get a bat in your house and let it fly around. My Mum had to call Grandpa to come and rescue her, she was so afraid. I laffed and laffed and laffed. Now when it gets to be Fall, I am not allowed to go out on MY deck during the day when Mum is at work, darn!

#7 - I like to talk alot. My Mum talks back to me and we have quite the conversations. I'm not sure she knows what she is agreeing to, but I keep talking anyways.

I would like to tag my Miss Peach, Parker, Zippy, Speedy & Sadie and any other cat that would like to do it.


The Furry Kids said...

Those are neat things we learned about you. It sure sounds like you like feets a lot.


Daisy said...

Those are some funny and interesting things about you, Kellie! I have never seen a real bat before. I wish they lived around here, because I would like to try out that trick where you get one to go inside the house. It sounds very fun.

David E Maeda said...

I'm impressed you are not scared of bats. Those are scary looking creatures.

I'd definitely take advantage of the discussions you have with your mom and get her unknowingly to agree to do something for your or buy you something.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Kellie that is an impressive meme for sure! I will do it later this week:)
I like bats because with out them this world would be overrun by insects and that would be a pain in the B~~~! and anyother body part they would attach themselves to! Bats rool! Good thing there are lots of a few in kitty paws will be OK I guess:)
HOPE will be on her way to you this week:)

Chairman Mao said...

hehehe, Kellie, that's a great pikshure of you -- you look so snuggly -- and I loved readin' yur meme! You and Brainball both have a foot fetish, I wondur if it's an orange kitty thing? Brainball loves layin' on Momma's footsies. And I love talkin' to Momma -- me and her have lots and lots of MAOversashuns!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your meme! You are such a beautiful girlcat -- what a lovely picture of you. And that is excellent hunting work, one bird and four bats! You are truly a Mighty Huntress!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Henry Helton said...

I wish that I had a deck where I could catch myself a birdie. Oh well. My nomss friend, Stanley, is like you. His hooman girl said that he can't sleep with her anymore cause he is a bed buffalo meaning he moves around in his sleep alot. Stanley is so funny.

poppyq said...

Thats funny Kellie. You should have control of the bed. Then beans get control of the fridge - you rule the bed.

michico 小芥 said...

I like to talk a lot, too.

That is very happy to know you more.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

haha I love number 2 - you are so funny, I can imagine you ordering the human to bed so that you can have the run of the house. How hilarious that you stop whatever you are doing when the human walks in! ha ha ha!

Mosaic Cats said...

You reminded us of long ago when we first moved to CO and had a bat in ML's bedroom! All of us where chasing it like crazy, and she was freaking OUT. She got less freaked with each new bat in the house, as there were many after that. And she finally sort of figured out how to deal with them. So far no bats in the NC house. Phew. We're too old now to hunt bats. (Except for Annie. She probably eats bats for breakfast, she's so wild and fast!)

Anonymous said...

Those were some really interesting facts about you Kellie. Trixie has caught moths, monks named Chip and birdies but never a bat. Do they taste like birds? One time Trixie brought a really big moth in the house and mom ran around screaming like a big baby. Dad had to rescue her.

Forty Paws said...

Wow! We're impressed with bringing the live bats inside. G.T. has brought live birds inside through the cat door that used to go into our cat enclosure. Maw had to catch those birds and put them back outside. She understands why your mom was very scared of the bats.

It sounds like maybe your mom should get you guys a king sized bed for the both of you.

Luf, Us

Gretchen said...

I like learning more about you with your meme. Bats? I've never seen a bat.