Friday, May 11, 2007

Kellie the Gemini

I found this cat horoscope at ultrafoo
and I must say it is pretty accurate : )

It's not by chance that Gemini cats have a high rate of schizophrenia, they are the original multiple personality cat and are prone to indecision. These cats constantly change their minds - show them an open door and first they want in, then they want out; or they might want to be an affectionate lap cat, then all of a sudden they want to claw off your face. A feline of this sign is egocentric, unstable, and fickle. So as you can imagine, living with one is no cup of tea. In fact, owners of Gemini cats are well advised to look into the possibility of Prozac since a heavily medicated Gemini cat is sometimes easier to deal with. Or maybe just sedate yourself so you won't notice them. But while manic depression can be a problem, it is not all bad with these felines. They are generally quite eloquent, artistic, and intellectual. They can be found browsing bookcases and might even recite a line or two of their poetry (NB. if the cat is a performance artist, you might be required to adorn your head with spam for this). Tom cats born under this sign might also take up art criticism and review the neighbour's door.OTHER GEMINI FACTS

ruled by Mercury
colour is yellow
is an air and mutable sign
are addicted to really bad t.v.
Farfalle, Pumpkin, Muffin, Otto


David E Maeda said...

Wow- from what I'm read about Kellie- that's a spot on accurate description. I'll have to check out my boyz horoscopes.

Eric and Flynn said...

Foo is furry clever to do cat astrology. We looked at ours too (Aries) and most of that wuz rite.
We don't know bout the pillijjing and raping though cuz we are good boys.