Monday, April 23, 2007

A Trip to the Vet

On Saturday morning Kellie and I made a trip to the vet to find out why she was having digestive problems. She was not impressed, here she was laying around having a good Saturday morning and she's picked up, plunked in her carrier and taken on a car ride.

She cried and howled the entire 5 minute drive to the vet and while she was being examined by the doctor she hid her head under the hem of my shirt, it all broke my heart. I had to leave her there for a couple of hours and they did x-rays, blood tests etc. It turns out she has a bacterial infection in her intestines, how she got that is anyones guess. So, $500 later, 2 different medications and new food. She is on the mend.

The first 24 hours after I brought her home she couldn't eat, it was so sad, she would scratch at the container and look at me with those big amber eyes and my heart sunk, but as I told her it was for her own good : )

The tech. at the clinic showed me how to give her medicine, by using one of their 3 cats as a model. Well, that cat must be used to the procedure because Kellie didn't let me hold her head and gently put the syringe in the side of her mouth. After climbing over my back a couple of times, I finally had to wrap her in a towel, pin her down to the bed and give her the medicine. Twice a day for 5 days, I'm not sure I'm tough enough to do it! I've done it 3 times, only 7 more to go : ) She's was mad for about 2 minutes, then she climbed back up on my knee for kisses and cuddles.


David E Maeda said...

None of that sounds like much fun. Hopefully Kellie will get well soon. I love the picture. Such a disruption in her routine.

Derby said...

Oh Kellie sorry to hear you had to visit the VET. But good to know you are getting better.

The infection is what the VET thought was wrong with me at first too.