Friday, March 23, 2007

Cough Drop Thief!

Last night I awoke to the sound of crinkling cellophane paper. Then I heard Kellie jump off the dresser. Then she was back up on the dresser, more cellophane paper crinkling, back off the dresser..........and on and on it went. I finally had to get up and investigate.

Of course as soon as I turn on the light and talk to her she looks all innocent, rolls on her back, feet up in the air with her cute I'm not doing anything look. Then I looked around and she had been taking the cough drops from a basket on my dresser and she had a pile of them on the floor by the door. Now why she was stock piling them is beyond me, maybe she just liked the crinkling of the paper, but I ruined her plans and put them all back and put the basket in the top drawer.

It wasn't long before she was curled up beside me sleeping - her big night time adventure foiled : )


David E Maeda said...

I love that innocent look they get in their eyes when you know they know you know they are up to no good.

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Crinkling noises at 2:00 AM .. yep, that gets me out of bed, too.
Wonder if they thing they're being quiet and sneaky?