Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sleep Deprived

I live in a valley that can get very windy this time of year. On Tuesday the winds reached 85mph and needless to say you could hear the wind whistling in the house. Kellie was very bothered by this and on and off throughout Tuesday night/Wed morning I would wake to find her sitting by my pillow crying. Finally, as morning approached I got her settled under the covers in the crook of my bent knees where she fell soundly asleep, of course by this point I had to get up to go to work. It was a VERY long night as the wind whistled, Kellie cried and I got very little sleep.

Finally, on Wed. the winds died down and I though I would be in for a wonderful sleep last night........yah, well no...the street light outside was throwing a shadow on my bedroom wall and she kept attacking it, scratching at the wall and yes....crying - she can be quite the crybaby. Tonight I'm going to make sure my blinds are closed tightly so no evil shadows can dance across the wall and hopefully the wind will co-operate and I will be able to have a nice long sleep : )


Anonymous said...

85 mph winds- I'd be scared too. My boyz- Diego in particular- seem to think omninous nature stuff is cool and not scary. He is fascinated by lightning even when the rest of us are under the bed. Poor Kellie. Though that's no excuse for keeping the food provider up at night :-)

Lisa said...

My Sammy would chase the lights on the wall from headlights in my neighborhood through the blinds. I had to buy dark curtains with a lining to block out the light that filtered through the blinds so she would quit attacking the walls and scaring the crap out of me.