Friday, October 20, 2006

Fur flying

On Wednesday my 9 year old niece Shauna comes and spends the evening.

We usually do some sort of craft, as her Mom is not the crafty sort. This week we went shopping for supplies to make her Halloween costume, she decided she wanted to be a puppy. Since we couldn't find a puppy pattern, we decided to buy black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, black headband (to attatch ears), black slippers, black gloves and we purchased some beige and white faux fur to sew spots on the dog and construct a tail. We even purchased an actual dog collar to make the costume "authentic". All was fine until I started cutting out the faux fur, everytime I cut a piece, faux fur was dispersed into the air. We were covered in the stuff - it was everywhere. Kellie even decided to roll on it and further disperse fibres. Finally after I had cut all the "spots" I threw them all in the dryer to get rid of all the excess fibres. The dryer lint trap looked like a big puff of cat hair. When I took all the spots (which were roughtly 3x5 inches in size) out of the dryer, they looked like miniture pelts, albeit faux. Next week we sew them on to the sweatsuit, I'll post a picture when we are finished.

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