Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mind Games

Kellie has been on her "diet" for about a week now. She is starting to whine and complain that she isn't having her favourite food anymore. I have her old food mixed with her new diet food, but I guess it isn't the same.

Her food is in the pantry off the kitchen and lately everytime I go into the kitchen she rubs against me whining trying to tell me how starved she is. I've had to resort to mind games.......I empty her bowl (which is still full of food) back into the food container and put new food in the bowl. I'm not sure if her excitement is because there is a new mix of food and it contains more of her favourites or if she's just excited about the sound of the food hitting the dish.

I really think it's physcological because a couple of times I have also played the trick of just adding a few new pieces of kibble to her already full bowl and she looks at me like "Finally, at last, you are feeding me, I was just about to faint from hunger".

Such a crazy cat.